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I started my career as an investor in the energy sector in New York. Working with leaders in the oil and gas industry, it became obvious that a transition to a zero carbon economy would not happen spontaneously. That led me to a master in economics at PSE to study environmental policy and understand the economic drivers of the ecological transition. However, I realized that even the best policies won't work unless they are aligned with our individual psychology. 

I am now a PhD candidate in cognitive sciences at the ENS Paris, researching how evolution shaped our brain. I am particularly interested in studying how individuals adapt to the quantity of resources available in their environment, and how our social cognition influences pro-environmental behavior. By understanding this, I hope to define new pathways to create a thriving society. 

I am part of the Evolution and Social Cognition team at the Computational Cultural Sciences team at the ENS Paris. 

I am also a co-founder of regroop, a mobile app making climate activism accessible to everyone. 

To learn more about my background and my current work, check out my podcast with Vocation (in French). 

To learn more about how to make the sustainable transition compatible with our human nature, check out this talk for the French government (in French). 

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